I've recently started to pay closer attention to food sourcing and preparation. Likely the most significant impacts are from pursuing plastic neutrality, which at least in my location is very limiting in that plastic packaging for food seems widespread. I also prefer local foods though for most cases this seems far more straightforward than plastic avoidance. This page is currently just a dumping ground of information and lists that will be cleaned up as I go.


Taco Seasoning

The recipe on the McCormick site was the first one I stumbled across when trying to throw some seasoning together. That is was paprika-heavy seemed like a safe bet given that my children are not yet ready for too much spice and it was well received so this is my current go-to recipe. I tend to go light on the salt and otherwise measure everything by weight with the translation of grams that are equal to two times the listed teaspoons (i.e. 1.5tsp -> 3g), which is almost certainly not quite the same ratios but it satisfies the main goal of taco night which is to appease my kids.