Blogroll - Matt Whipple

Here’s a list of some blogs and similar resources with which I stay up to date. I’d imagine the concept of a blogroll has largely been subsumed by more social aspects within the zeitgeist of the modern Web (I had to look up the term to make sure I wasn’t imagining it (1)), but it fits within the intent of this site.


I stumbled into awareness of Salvatore Sanfilippo/antirez through the kilo editor and the associated tutorial(3) and after realizing that he’s also the creator of Redis decided to read through his blog which I found full of interesting ideas. In particular his openness and the breadth of some of his material builds a good narrative of how a highly effective coder digs into problems and some of the practical values that are prioritized. I’m still picking through his older blog but am nearly done.

Linux Kernel Monkey Log(4)

This is Greg Kroah-Hartman’s blog. I don’t recall what initially led me to this blog (likely picking through some kernel issues or reading Linux Kernel in a Nuthsell at some point). The blog itself is updated fairly infrequently. There’s some info on the blog I’ll likely pick from and it seems generally helpful as a Linux user to have some insight into the thoughts of one of the key maintainers.

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