Installing Gentoo on Media Server - Matt Whipple

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The media server system came loaded with Windows 10, and while I wouldn't mind giving a newer version of Windows a spin I'm unlikely to actually free up any time to do so, so I will immediate jump to replacing the OS with Linux, where Gentoo is my goto distribution.

Installation Media

My first challenge is finding some kind of media with which I can install Gentoo. As I spend most of my time just leaning on networking to transfer data, figuring out some kind of sneaker net solution to wipe a system normally invites an initial search.

My first attempt is to use a Vantec IDE/SATA -> USB 2.0 adapter (I picked up a long time ago along with an old Corsair M32 SSD drive). The drive was apparently last used for something similar, since it already seems to contain a Gentoo Live image which could be used to drive the install.

TODO Try this

Author: mwhipple

Created: 2020-10-27 Tue 19:36