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My home network is primarily driven by Linksys routers in the WRT family. At one point when I was doing assorted consulting I configured a wireless mesh network with OpenWrt[openwrt-wikipedia]1 and since then I've primarily purchased WRT routers so that I had a simple route to installing OpenWrt if desired or needed. When compared to stock firmware OpenWrt provides the potential benefits that it is open-source, more flexible, and receives more ongoing attention.

With OpenWrt a router basically becomes a minimal Linux box, so I'd optimistically hoped that newish Wi-Fi router firmware would be robust enough that I'd ultimately only be motivated to swap out the stock firmware when I wanted to use my router to provide services it normally wouldn't support. Unfortunately my optimism didn't pan out and the firmware continued to suffer from issues which end up being resolved by the occasional reboot combined with a factory reset every so often to flush out whatever state is apparently blocking things up. There's the possibility that these issues could be resolved through configuration tweaks, but once investing any notable amount of time is a factor it seems prudent to invest that time in an open platform that is is less likely to impose barriers and is portable across devices. The OEM firmware has also not seen an update in a long time and is therefore almost certainly plagued with neglected vulnerabilities2. I've therefore been impelled to replace the firmware (which is a trivial process on the involved routers that uses the standard firmware update interface).


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Author: mwhipple

Created: 2020-10-27 Tue 19:36