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While "coding" could certainly apply to a range of activities within and without computer software, here I'm using it to apply to the specific task of applying and analyzing algorithms and data structures to solve a particular problem. This is distinct from concerns such as design which somewhat be reduced battling entropy, or more trivial programming tasks which amount to selecting a relatively obvious approach and implementing it using adopted technologies. While these skills are warranted fairly infrequently in most devlopment jobs keeping them sharp is a helpful way to exercise engineering muscles, and can also be fun. Here I'll track some of my working on my coding skills.


As will be covered elsewhere, I'm fairly indifferent about languages so I'm likely to bounce between different languages. I'll use coding as a means to tinker with and brush up on different languages.


As I'm currently investing a bit in emacs, an appropriate language to start coding with is emacs lisp. I'll first be working through the track provided on Exercism.

Practice Sites

There are several sites around which provide coding exercises along with a platform on which solutions can be attempted.


Exercism is a site that is more oriented towards languages than problems, and has support for a wide range of languages. It does not presently provide interactive editing and execution which likely lowers the overhead involved in supporting a given language. I was first introduced to exercism by a coworker where we used the teams edition during a session of a company "book club" when we took a break from reading books and instead spent some time exploring a language (Elixir) as a group. Compared to other coding sites, Exercism is more focused on growth through collaboration and mentorship as opposed to a more competitive/interview-y slant. The platform itself is free and open-source.



  • [exercism] @miscexercism, title = Exercism, url =, status = wip,

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Created: 2020-10-27 Tue 19:36