SysML Distilled

Like probably most people I tend to produce diagrams fairly informally using whatever online tool is readily available and I’m least terrible at, but largely as part of focusing on aspects of communication over contribution I’ve started to revisit those practices and brush up on some of the more formal approaches. While producing some such diagrams I started to flip through SysML Distilled(1).

The ideas behind model based system engineering held enormous appeal for me many years ago but didn’t seem to have practical application at the time likely due to my less weathered self not being able to pierce through the veil of hype to see the wheat from the chaff.

The book itself will act as a highly valuable reference for SysML and I’ll need to brush up on UML. The use of well established constructs should significantly aid in communication but what I’m particularly interested in at present is the relationship between the diagrams and a corresponding pursuit to represent a potentially complex system through a linked web of such diagrams. One of the common traps with diagrams and modeling in general is presenting too much information and therefore the expression of key concepts is buried in noise (and any associated attempt at being comprehensive is accompanied by an increased risk of being stale and/or misleading). While larger diagrams may be more feasible during live presentations a particular tactic that I’d like to explore is to have each such diagram restricted to convey only the handful or so of concepts that can fit in someone’s head at a time and then use linking to enable exploration across the associated chunks of information.

DELLIGATTI, Lenny. SysML distilled [online]. Pearson Education, 2014. Available from: