Kafka: The Definitive Guide

I’m current immersed fairly deeply into systems which make heavy use of Kafka, and so I’ve started to read some appropriate reasources starting with the second edition of Kafka: The Definitive Guide(1). I read the first edition of the book several years ago and remember it being very solid, so I was very pleased that a new edition was available which would allow me to both refresh and update some foundational Kafka knowledge.

As alluded to the book provides very good background to Kafka, specifically to the breadth of information relevant for Kafka in terms of operating and making use of Kafka. The diversity of aspects may suggest that the book is not the best resource for anyone looking to do something in particular with Kafka; it seems likely to leave a fair gap between the information provdied and the practical application of efficiently administering or leveraging Kafka to produce a solution. That is in no way a derogatory assessment but rather an acknowledgement that the book remains focused on Kafka itself which is a powerful and complex enough technology that covering it appropriately in isolation is a significant enough undertaking and one which would likely be diluted through overextension. There is an abundance of supplementary resources within the ecosystem that are likely to be more tailored for more specific or more nebulous needs.

This book provides a very good mix of fundamental concepts and guidance along with some reference style material, and will therefore act as a preferred source when looking for Kafka specific information.

GWEN SHAPIRA, Rajini Sivaram, Todd Palino. Kafka: The definitive guide [online]. O’Reilly Media, 2022. Available from: https://books.google.com/books/about/Kafka_the_Definitive_Guide.html?hl=&id=uvl9zgEACAAJ