Effective C

Effective C(1) is a solid introductory text to C programming which covers many pitfalls and information for utilizing newer facilities and for satisfying current requirements.

Perhaps the drawback of the book in hindsight is that it potentially falls between the cracks of being a primer and elucidating some of the darker corners; it doesn’t seem to provide some of the reinforcement of other introductory texts such as K&R while also staying fairly high level and non-exhaustive in terms of details. As this is one of many resources published by the author some of the concerns may be due to this book serving a particular role within the aggregate works. This perspective may also be unfairly skewed by my prior knowledge. Another looming question given the mixed survey style of this book is whether it offers notable combined value over sources which are available on the Internet; as I’m reading this book on the Internet and through an online service I not only don’t know the answer but am not particularly affected by it but it always seems worth asking given the higher overhead of books.

I’ll certainly periodically refer to this book as a lightweight reference manual for C when seeking appropriate approaches to somewhat basic challenges.

SEACORD, Robert C. Effective c [online]. No Starch Press, 2020. Available from: https://books.google.com/books/about/Effective_C.html?hl=&id=tVv6DwAAQBAJ