Designing Data-intensive Applications

I likely don’t have much to say about Martin Kleppmann’s Designing Data-intensive Applications(1) that hasn’t been said before. This is one of my go-to recommendations and one of the few books I ordered a print copy for after reading an electronic copy…that was likely pre-pandemic (before I went fully remote) when I expected to be able to loan the copy to workers but it’s still worth having for it’s referenced sources alone.

The book provides fantastic coverage of the concepts that underlie the challenges facing many engineers currently, and of which anecdotally most of those engineers seem to be blissfully unaware and therefore mistakenly take things for granted.

I recently re-read it somewhat arbitrarily due to it being the most popular book on O’Reilly learning online and it continues to prove valuable to bolster some of the vocabulary around the concepts with which I’m fairly familiar and also to pick up on some ideas that didn’t stick during previous reads.

I personally find the book to be a perfect mix of concepts which are likely to remain somewhat evergreen and how they play out in practice. I was somewhat surprised somewhat recently to hear a (young) teammate refer to the book as being an academic reference; the re-reading confirmed my previous thought that this is not the case. While it certainly does not provide any specific recipes it helps explain the fundamentals which guide the which and why for those recipes and many of the inescapable tradeoffs lurking among them.

KLEPPMANN, Martin. Designing data-intensive applications [online]. Oreilly & Associates Incorporated, [no date]. Available from: