Blogroll - Matt Whipple

Here’s a list of some blogs and similar resources with which I stay up to date. I’d imagine the concept of a blogroll has largely been subsumed by more social aspects within the zeitgeist of the modern Web (I had to look it up to make sure I wasn’t imagining it (“Blogroll - Wiktionary” 2021)), but it fits within the intent of this site.

Linux Kernel Monkey Log(“Linux Kernel Monkey Log” 2021)

This is Greg Kroah-Hartman’s blog. I don’t recall what initially led me to this blog (likely picking through some kernel issues or reading Linux Kernel in a Nuthsell at some point. The blog itself is updated fairly infrequently. There’s some info on the blog I’ll likely pick from and it seems generally helpful as a Linux user to have some insight into the thoughts of one of the key maintainers.

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